Sri Lanka tea faces challenges

tea-estate (200x131)A study “The Tea Sector Statistical Analysis 2014” conducted by the Business Information Division of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce says competition from other beverages, climatic changes and worker wages are seen as key issues the global tea industry is facing, including Sri Lanka one of the largest exporters of tea in the world.

The study includes an ‘Industry overview,’ ‘Brief on Industry Challenges’, ‘Leading destinations for trading tea’, ‘local tea industry overview’, “Leading Export Destinations of Sri Lanka’ and “growth rates of tea export products’ etc.

The study points out that the tea industry will have to fight it out to sustain or grow its share with strong competition coming in from other ‘beverage’ producers, while the climatic changes will also cause issues to the industry due to the delicate nature of the tea plant to the changes in temperature and rainfall and also worker movement out of the industry seeking for better wages.

It also contains information about the competitors of the Sri Lankan tea industry, product wise HS code descriptions among many others information.

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