Wigneswaran: ‘end of the war did not signify end of conflict’

wigneswaranThe Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister, stressed that the “end of the war did not signify end of conflict,” whilst calling on Tamils in the US to assist in the creation of an environment that allowed Tamils in the North-East to thrive.

Addressing the 28 annual conference of the Federation of Tamil Sangams in North America (FeTNA) on 25 July, at the City National Civic Auditorium in San Jose, California, C V Wigneswaran said that Sri Lanka’s government had reduced resources to the Northern Province.

Noting that the “majoritarian” nature of the Sri Lankan state, Mr Wigneswaran slammed attempts of the government to provide a political settlement to Tamils.

“Devvolution to the North-East provinces is a joke, a mockery. Elected officials in the North-East have no say,” he added.

Mr Wigneswaran said,

“The North-East is a war ravaged area; we need more assistance & finances than other provinces but central government has reduced our resources.”

Condemning the appropriation of Tamil lands by the Sri Lankan state, he added,

“If they take our land, they take everything.”

Mr Wigneswaran highlighted restrictions by Sri Lanka’s government had not allowed the UN to work with the Northern Province to conduct a “joint Needs Based Assessment”

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