If people are not re-settled in North and East Struggles will explode-Suresh Premachandran

suresh+premachandranTNA MP and Spokesman, Suresh Premachandran responding to Prime Minister, Ranil Wickramasinghe’s statement that the Army will have to take decision about the re-settlement of the people said  the  Chief Minister of the NPC, Justice C.V.Wigneswaran and I have continued to insist that the Army that had occupied the lands of the Tamil people in North and East should be removed from them and people should be re-settled immediately and that, if and only if the Army is removed from North and East, the re-settlement of the people will be possible. If the forces are not removed and re-settlement speeded up, large scale struggles will explode. These struggles will be more intensive than those held during the former regime, he warned. Premachandran expressed his concerns due to the contradictory statements made by  the Prime Minister and other Ministers.

He said, the re-settlement in the Northern and Eastern Provinces, is related to the Army leaving the lands belonging to the people.   99% of the land in the Jaffna district occupied by the army are lands with deeds and only a very small area of the land is not owned by the people.

More than 40,000 people who belong to around 10,000 families in several places of the Jaffna district including Valli North  and Vadamaradchi are awaiting re-settlement not for one or two years but for several years he said.

The statement of the Prime Minister that, the Army had to decide regarding the re-settlement of the people is strongly condemned. Several questions arise as to, why the Army has to decide about the re-settlement of the people? What is the connection between the Army and the re-settlement of the people?  Are we to talk to the Army instead of the Government , regarding the re-settlement of the Tamil people? If the Prime Minister says that the Army had to decide on the resettlement , there will be no point in us talking to this Government he went on to state.

 the faith we had in this government is getting weakened.

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