Mavai takes on Wigneswaran

Mavai senathirajahMavai Senathirajah, MP and  Leader of the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK), had stated that it is a blatant lie that the Chief Minister expressed in his opinions that TNA members have obtained money from South Sri Lanka politicians and that there is no truth in the statements which has caused severe pains in my 50 years of political life, Mavai Senathirajah said

He said this speaking at a press conference held at the Jaffna office of the ITAK on 19 June 2015. Senathirajah  said that some statements of the CM were quoted in  local newspapers, and in web media. In this context I have written a letter on 11th to the CM asking clarification regarding the statements he was quoted as saying, and he had written a reply yesterday.

I have a chequered public and stormy political life not for a few years but for several decades and none can point an accusing finger that I have ever got even a cent from any government and filled my purse.

I can vouch that our parliamentarians have not done so. There is not even an iota of truth in the allegations made. They have been wrongly judged.  It was an unfair, biased judgment. The funds have been obtained officially not covertly, and for public well being in their capacity as members of parliament.

The party sponsored Wigneswaran as Chief Ministerial   candidate, canvassed for him and ensured his victory to strengthen the provincial administration. We are committed to work with mutual understanding with the province.

We are equally concerned if not more about having a strong Northern Provincial Council, securing more powers and funds to the Council. None can under estimate our commitment.

In fact, when the 18 th amendment was brought in the House, we spoke against it and voted against it. We even challenged a provision that deprived the provincial council of a power in the Supreme Court and obtained an order in our favour. Our commitment to protect the powers of the provincial council is stable and none can dare to question it.

In conclusion, I wish to emphatically state that the act of impropriety of making unfounded allegations at the improper forum at an inopportune moment ahead of parliamentary polls has brought to disrepute the integrity of our Parliamentarians which has mainly been responsible for our victory at all the polls in the north and east.

Let not anyone act against the unity we have jealously guarded all along. Let there be coordination.

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