I have no responsibility to reply to news items: Wigneswaran

wignes2Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran replied to a query of the President of Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK) and MP, Mavai Senathirajah, regarding the complaint made by CM to the President, that certain Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MPs were called to the south individually and provided with large amounts of money

Wigneswaran in his letter states:

I saw your letter dated 11.06.2015 only today(17.06.2015). The earlier letter sent by e-mail was unreadable due font difference and was returned to one Printha Kanthasamy, who had originated that letter.

I have no responsibility to reply news items published in various web sites, but, I write this letter because I am duty bound to reply regarding the complaint I made to the President.

If the  matters we get to know through our people and if they are reliable, then we make them public with the welfare of the people in view. If the people concerned with these information think that, they have not done anything wrong, they can tell it publicly. For example the opinions put out by the TNA’s Official Spokesman Hon. Suresh Premachandran(MP),  in the Media Conference held on last Saturday(13.06.2015) could be cited here.

We had asked for a fund allocation of Rs.5 million to renovate six(6) wells in Poneryn, Kilinochchi and to undertake other related activities and Rs.40 million to renovate eight(8) roads in Vallikamam East. These allocations were made through the Ministry of Re-settlement. matters like , whether the other MPs submitted projects? Whether they have received vehicles? had to be clarified from the respective MPs.

Here Hon. Suresh Premachandran had overtly stated how much of money was received by him and for what purposes. I wish to point out that his statement had amply proved my accusation that the TNA MPs had received fund allocations.  I hope that no further evidence from me is necessary beyond the evidences revealed through the media conference of the Official Spokesman of the TNA.

I think that I need not point out to you that, this request for funds were made excluding the Provincial Council, and the allocations were made from the south.

The projects are officially implemented by the Officers of the Northern Provincial Council. The Provincial council is allocated funds necessary for that. You would have understood that undertaking such projects without any consultation with the Provincial Council will pave the way for occurrence of Dual implementation. If projects are to be implemented through the Provincial Council, then, these funds should be utilized through the Provincial Council.

Although, the Official Spokesman of the TNA, Hon. Suresh Premachandran had stated that the respective  MPs should come forward to declare the allocation they have received, it is saddening to note that the other MPs had come forward to  state anything overtly regarding the allocations. I wish that the other MPs would come forward to state their positions openly to the people as Hon. Suresh Premachandran had done.

My  wish is that the unity attitude and dedicative nature of the TNA which was created with an objective of working  for the Tamil Nationalism, should exist not only during the election periods but also beyond that to eternity.

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