The mind of Wigneswaran

wigneswaran 2Chief Minister Wigneswaran hell bent on getting rid of the Armed Services from the North has arrived at the perverted conclusion that the post-war deployment of the military in the North has contributed to the rapid spread of narcotics. He has further stated that narcotics had never been a problem during the war when the LTTE was around.

Wigneswaran has made this statement without any conclusive proof. He has not cared to discuss the possibility of the existence of such a problem with the Chairman of the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board (NDDCB) who knows best. The latter has categorically stated that Narcotics is not a problem in the North and that the government has not been able to carry out a proper survey in the North for obvious reasons until last year.

It is apparent that the mind of Wigneswaran is working in a crafty and diabolical manner to please the diaspora and the LTTE dregs. The timing of this statement is such that any prudent person could reasonably conclude :

a) That the Chief Minister is attempting to tarnish the image of the army that is reputed for efficiency and discipline as an occupational force resorting to unethical practices.

The specific accusation that the Army is assisting the spread of narcotics can give the international community especially, the impression that the Sri Lankan Government has launched on a policy of debilitating the youth of Jaffna.

b) With the coming to light that the most despicable criminals including a prominent member of the diaspora who gang-raped and murdered an innocent school girl are drug addicts, a devilish mind is attempting to transfer a part of the responsibility and liability to the forces !

If as Wigneswaran has asserted the use of narcotics by the youth has increased with the end of the war it could very well be that Narcotics was not available during the war for the following reasons:

a) During the war the LTTE using its brutal coercive strength would have ensured that narcotics did not reach the youth as addiction to narcotics would have appreciably restricted the LTTE’s recruitment base.

b) As typical of all terrorist groups the LTTE too was engaged in narco-terrorism. Today it is well known that the extensive poppy fields of Afghanistan are promoted by the Taliban for the purchase of arms. Similarly terror gangs in some South American countries barter Cocaine for arms with the US.

During the War Narcotics smuggled into the country in large quantities via the south Indian sea route with the assistance of Tamil Nadu LTTE supporters were re-exported to the West by the LTTE and the profits utilized for the purchase of arms.

However, the possibility cannot be ruled out for the unrehabilitated and the partially rehabilitated LTTE terrorists embarking on a life of crime. They may well be looking at the option of taking to the narcotics trade. The Narcotics Bureau of the Police assisted by the services is equipped and capable of meeting such an eventuality Neutralizing the army will certainly please the LTTE remnants.

Wigneswaran is right when he says that narcotics was not a problem when the LTTE was round. He has by saying so displayed his servility to the LTTE. But this one time judge does not seem to realize that no one in his proper senses in Jaffna would have dared to consume or get involved in the narcotics trade with the ruthless LTTE around.

It is also surprising that Wigneswaran in his eagerness to blame the army for the prevalence of narcotics in the North does not know or is pretending not to know that smuggling, particularly of opium, was the backbone of the vibrant pre-war economy of the North the destruction of which by the Police setting up of special enforcement units and coastal II (Illicit Immigration) posts in strategic locations, led to the emergence of militancy in the North.

The erudite Chief Minister who is making bold statements of the spread of narcotics as a phenomenon new to Jaffna has obviously not addressed his mind to the underworld activities of the Youth of the past that was dominated by the smuggling of opium the most expensive narcotic drug of the time. I wonder whether he has even heard of the legendary opium smuggler Hitler Kandasamy of VVT the heartland of the LTTE.

It is indeed hard to imagine that a trained judicial mind that at one time arrived at well considered decisions as a respected member of Sri Lanka’s apex court could turn so diabolical and perverse. Clear proof indeed of the existence of an inexplicable, exclusive brand of lunacy contagious within the generally hated community of politicians of which he is a member today. (The Island)


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