Election manifesto would reveal political aspirations of the Tamil people

tna 2Leader of the Tamil National Alliance and Trincomalee District TNA Parliamentarian R. Sampanthan has said the election manifesto of the TNA in the forthcoming parliamentary election would reveal the true political aspirations of the Tamil people, what they are fighting for and what they expect. Sampanthan said so when he was addressing a seminar on ‘The current political situation’ at Trincomalee New Silver Star Hotel on Saturday morning.

Sampanthan further said the TNA election manifesto would be a manifesto for democracy. The Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchchi signed an agreement in 1957 between the then Prime Minister late S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike and the then ITAK leader late S.J.V.Chelvanayakam named the Banda-Chelva pact. In the year 1961 another agreement was signed by Chelvanayakam with the then Prime Minister late Dudley Senanayake titled the Dudley-Chelva pact.

He said both pacts were later abrogated due to the opposition by chauvinist elements in the South. Even some of our Tamil leaders like the All Ceylon Tamil Congress Leader late G.G. Ponnambalam also contributed to the abrogation of those agreements. Tamil leader the late Chelvanayakam had failed to find a political solution to the Tamil people.

Sampanthan further added, that in 1987 Indo-Ceylon agreement was signed to find a political solution to the Tamil problem. Including the Sinhala chauvinist elements, some Tamil leaders also opposed it. The agreement is only in name.

Sampanthan added in the new Parliament now expected to be installed in September we would try to raise the Tamil issue. We have reiterated the urgency of bringing a sustainable political solution to the Tamil issue in Parliament after the June parliamentary elections.

We have given pressure to the President in this regard during several rounds of talks held with him. Sampanthan said Tamils should unite at the forthcoming parliamentary election under one wing – the Tamil National Alliance, to raise its demand without any division and split among the Tamil people.

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