Major ethnic groups in Sri Lanka differ on reconciliation question, according to a recent survey

Reconcilation & conflict resolutionAccording to a recent survey conducted by Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA), though the Sri Lankan Government is giving emphasis on reconciliation process, the country’s four major ethnic groups Sinhalese, Tamils, upcountry Tamils and Muslims remain divided on issues concerning the topic, reports The Hindu on June 3.

Of four questions raised during the survey, the question that continues to see perceptible division between the Sinhalese and the Tamils is about the work done by the Government to address the root causes of the ethnic conflict. Thirty five per cent of Sinhalese respondents are of the view that the Government has done a lot whereas 39.9 per cent of Tamils (Sri Lankan Tamils) and 33.3 per cent of the upcountry Tamils (Indian Tamils) feel that nothing has been done.

However, 6.3 per cent of the Muslims hold the view that large sections of the Tamils have benefitted, 62.9 per cent of the Muslim respondents have said “the government has done a little but not enough.” Among the Sinhalese respondents, 3.1 per cent have said the Government has done nothing and 38.2 per cent feel that “the government has done a little but not enough.” The total number of respondents is around 2000, according to Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, Executive Director of CPA, which has been carrying out the survey since 2011.

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