Tamil Progressive Alliance elects working committee

Mano GaneshanThe Tamil Progressive Alliance which was launched recently has elected a working committee to carry out its policies and plan of action. The following are office bearers of the Alliance.

President; Mano Ganeshan. Deputy Presidents; Palani Digambaram and V. Radhakrishnan, Secretary; Lawrence, Treasurer; Thilakaraj.

Aravinda Kumar and Velukumar are Joint Vice Presidents. Velanai Veniyan, Vadivel and Puthirasigamany are joint Chairmen. Sarath Athukorale Assistant Treasurer. San. Kugavarathan Administrative Secretary .

Tamil Progressive Alliance, was launched on 03 June 2015. The Democratic People’s Front, Workers’ National Front and Upcountry People’s Front are members of the Tamil Progressive Alliance. The objectives of the Alliance would be to serve the political, economic and social interests of the Tamil people outside the north and East in addition to working for the welfare of the estate workers of Indian origin.

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