Demonstrations and protests should be peaceful and democratic.

Violence -  thugsChief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran said some mischief- makers are trying bring the people into conflict with the police and create opinion that it could only be controlled by the Army. These mischief makers should not be allowed to ride on the back of the grieving people and that the people should be careful to protest peacefully and resume routine life.

Illankai Tamil Arasu Katchi Leader Jaffna Parliamentarian Mavai Senathyraja has requested the demonstrators to exercise restrain in conducting protest. He has urged that demonstrations and protests should be peaceful and democratic. It should not lead to breach of peace.He made this appeal in the background of the demonstration in Jaffna following the murder of teenage student turning unruly.

Meanwhile, the Tamil Civil Society Forum, in a statement said a post-war environment of heavy militarisation, lenience towards drugs and alcohol abuse and damaged social networks were contributing factors to rape within the society.

Expressing condolences to the family of the recently murdered Vithya, the TCSF note that this was not an isolated incident and that gang rapes had happened before in post-conflict Jaffna.

The TCSF called on the people of Jaffna to continue to take peaceful democratic action through protests to ensure that Sir Lanka’s police took unbiased action and brought justice.

The statement also called for a long term plan to be produced to work to alleviate the environmental circumstances that had created an environment for such crimes to occur.

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