War is a hobby for diaspora Tamils, they will not keep their Tamil Eelam identity

DiasporaAs far as the diaspora Tamils are concerned, War is a hobby and they like the War to go ahead in the home country, All Ceylon Kampan Association organizer Kampavarithi E. Jeyaraj said. He also  further said that diaspora Tamils are living with a lot of money and enough security, but they expect that those Tamil people in the home country should do what the diaspora dictates to them.

In the Kampan festival held at Colombo recently, President Maithripala Sirisena was invited and honoured by the Kampan Association. One of the diaspora Tamils called JK had written an open letter criticizing this.

In the reply sent to this letter, Jeyaraj has specified strongly against diaspora community that diaspora Tamils should only be spectators as far as the Eelam is concerned and they can not be shareholders. He also further said in his letter that people in the homeland are not going to accept the guidance of diaspora Tamils.

He said this in an interview that he gave for SBS Tamil broadcast radio in Canada on Wednesday.

In this interview, he said:

It is true that those who displaced from the country abroad due to war have patriotism towards the nation. But the mistake that they are doing is they settle in a comfortable place after going there with enough security and a lot of money. And after that, they compel the people in the home country to act as per their words and they are very firm on this. I don’t have any agreement to this act by them.

What has to be done in the home country has to be decided by the people who are living here only. They should just support our decisions. Instead of that giving directions to people here as per their wish is not their right. If another generation goes off, the diaspora Tamils will not be continuing as Eelam Tamils.

Almost 90% of the children of the diaspora Tamils going out of the country do not know to speak and write Tamil. In the next generation, these people will lose their connection with the home country. This is the actual position. They would just be Tamils for the name sake in future. We can’t say that they would be keeping up their patriotism towards their home country. Patriotism and the Tamil spirit would only for those who live their country.

We can’t say those who went abroad from here don’t have any affection towards this country. But it is better to limit that. Because they have been observing the war for 30 years from being outside, the War happening at home has become one of their hobbies. We suffered to live in the middle of the war. But they still want the war to go ahead. But we want to get peaceful because we have lost many damages during the war in the past.

In this aspect only, we both have confrontation. Being in a secured environment, thinking to develop war in the home country and we in an unsecured environment want to move away from war are true situations. They have certain limits for their actions. They should understand that. Whether it is war or peaceful settlement, we have to only decide that. If they want, they can support our decisions on this.

The president of Sri Lanka in the past had shown completely a different face to Tamil people. He thought of controlling the people using their defeat in the war. But the current president is acknowledging the rights of Tamils.

Though many activities have not progressed at a great pace, he has been very much acknowledging the fact that Tamils do not have independence and the fact that Tamils have been affected over the years.  All the leaders of TNA also said that Tamil people need to vote him and make him to win the election. Till today, they are in agreement with the President only. They have expressed their policy that no separate nation and to live with complete freedom in the country.

In this situation, trying out for peaceful resolution should be the right thing. If we talk again and again the past and grow hatred and enmity, we need to first see if the Tamil people living here have enough capacity to confront them.

We are a people living inside a region in the country. They are majority people and we always are minority. How we can manage the confrontations during war in that case? So, what use is there in promoting enmity? Hence my suggestion is only to grow friendship. When the current president is extending his friendship, why we should ignore that?

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