Sri Lanka struck by American-Indian political tsunami

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In the late 1970s when President J R Jayawardena took a pro-US stand Sri Lanka became saddled with a made-in-India Tamil-militant terrorism drawing upon India’s influence over Tamils from both sides of the Palk Strait that continues to last despite its head and major part of its ground force now militarily eliminated.

The new Indo-US marriage of convenience (only with relation to Sri Lanka) has managed to virtually divorce Sri Lanka of its growing links with China and it is basically this factor that contributed to the intricately well-orchestrated plot to depose Mahinda Rajapakse as President in probably one of the best coordinated coups of the recent past.

The war crimes charges, the Tamil Diaspora lobbying, economic & investor issues, the UN/UNHRC charges, human rights charges were all pawns used to bring the full force of world pressure and media indignation upon a leader for his single guilt of swaying relations and policies towards China and had nothing to do with defeating LTTE (a mere US-India geopolitical pawn).

Rajapakse not without errors

It is therefore imperative that we realize it was Sri Lanka’s ties with China that cost the nation and a national leader his demise. Facilitating his demise were his own fault lines which he wrongly presumed would be overlooked by his People on account of his war victory.

The West initially turned a blind eye to corruption and other undemocratic virtues as a ploy to collect ammunition for the final kill. Every fault was however noted upon which was built a very powerful campaign blowing allegations ten-fold secretly using Rajapakse’s own coalition partners and JVP to create among the general public that Rajapakse was heading towards a dictatorial rule.

While part of the campaign may have been distorted, Rajapakse must take blame for helping add fuel to fire by his inaction on key factors and Rajapakse henchmen who were becoming a nuisance to the public and overall administration of the country. Overlooking these factors lost and cost him a large chunk of Sinhala Buddhist votes in particular from Kurunegala and Matara where had they voted he would not have required the Tamil or Muslim votes to pass the 50% to return as President. Rajapakse’s biggest error was his inability to distinguish friends from enemies (including the Church though not all followers) in particular those whom he kept inside his inner circle many of whom would have been secretly involved (knowingly or unknowingly) in his ultimate ouster.

International campaign against Rajapakse

Let us not be naïve to acknowledge that the UN is basically functioning as a puppet for Western interests. Thus, statements that ensued from the UNSG, UNHRC inclusive of the back-to-back Resolutions, Human Rights reports, bloated media abuse allegations, consecutive harangues by locally stationed envoys were all timed and coordinated to ruffle Rajapakse and his administration to divert their attention while foreign intelligence operators working on ground would steadfastly work towards building an anti-MR lobby at ground level sufficient enough to over-power the war-effort and development drives happening islandwide in particular in the war-ravaged North, none of which secured any meaningful appreciation from Tamils who were well-controlled by dictates from India, Tamil politicos and Tamil Diaspora.

Enter Sirisena

Obviously the regime change operators well established throughout Sri Lanka was aware that to challenge Rajapakse the old timers CBK, Ranil would not reap results. The failure in fielding Fonseka had taught lessons to bring a more docile character to the scene. Sirisena became their man-Friday groomed secretly while their preferred choice Ranil underwent one-month training in the US. Slogans were thought out – sanhindiyawa, nahi werani, good governance, democracy, freedom became the change capsules sold against an uncoordinated Rajapakse media campaign riddled in family interference.

The Sirisena-campaign addressed areas that Fonseka campaign erred in and drew from key hot spots that would entail Rajapakse voters to not caste their vote while putting all minority votes in the Sirisena basket. The plan to divide the Sinhalese worked well and that cost Rajapakse his presidency for he had faulted in falling for the international pressure to concentrate only on the minorities while the grievances of the majority was left unaddressed or given step-motherly treatment. All these facilitated to capitalise the Sirisena-campaign which was earmarked to succeed drawing upon UNP votes, JVP votes, disgruntled Rajapakse voters, minority votes that have always generally favoured the UNP. Campaign was further accentuated by a pro-US/West media that had never been loyal to MR or any of his achievements however good.

Be that as it may the change capsule combined with the same democratic slogans (100 day CHANGE) used wherever US and West heralded ‘democracy’ became the winning ticket that saw Sirisena placed as President while Constitutional Changes with covert intent to transfer powers from Sirisena to Prime Minister Ranil became next on the planning schedule.

  • Voters may like to now question whether cronyism and nepotism ceased post-Rajapakse defeat? Appointments of family members of UNPers, Sirisena and other cabinet Ministers continue, public officials are being removed from office without any reason and replaced with lackeys, UNP-stalwarts and lawyers are appointed to whitewash crimes and give a clean bill, despite the promises where have the public actually benefitted in terms of reduction to cost of living and good governance?
  • The international bandwagon of media, human rights organizations, lawyers union of SL, UN officials, foreign envoys that sang the same chorus against Rajapakse’s corrupt, nepotism and cronyism are stoic silent over insider trading at the Central Bank, Minister keeping an under-age girl despite appeals from parents, lists of other discrepancies shows the double-standards in the application of standard laws and the hypocrisy of those pointing fingers.

What is the gameplan

In choosing Sirisena as a virtual front-man to project as compassionate leader the original versions of the 19th amendment depicts the real intent. The admittance by President Sirisena himself that he was under tremendous pressure from India and West to appoint Ranil as PM being their only trusted representative goes to show the overall plan was to use Sirisena and his ‘Wessanthara’ attempt to give up Presidency with the real plan to pass all powers to Ranil who would do as the West wanted.

In this scenario more than a show of appreciation must go to the handful of leaders in the SLFP and UPFA who brought to public attention the plan and used their powers within Parliament to virtually change the composition of the 19a from what it was really intended to do. A word of praise must also go to the lone MP who voted against and who is likely to be democratically penalized for doing so!

The West never put their eggs in one basket and experts at regime change have a string of backup plans all meticulously tied to their overall objective. This objective has nothing to do with delivering democracy, justice to minorities or human rights, religious or media freedoms or rule of law.

The US/West neo-colonial objectives tied to the Christian doctrine of harvesting souls (Evangelical movements funded by West) are functioning to plan, the local-lackeys of West are helping privatize and drain out all assets into the hands of Western liberalists for which local lackeys are getting handsomely paid, given powerful positions and projected as darlings of the West’s agenda. These are better known as lascoreens and sepoys (those that betray their own).

India’s role vis a vis West in Sri Lanka is based on an understanding that India will assist so long as West does not interfere in India’s internal affairs (dream on India!).

The planners and plotters have however ignored some ground realities. You can fool some people all of the time, some people some times but not all the people all the time. What possibly was not taken cognisance of is the rising people power galvanizing towards their ousted leader and the realization that with all his faults the country functioned far better than the 100 day capsule of no-achievements talk only by the elected and hijacked governance now in control of all levels of administration.

Ignoring media’s biased stand the people have seen the lies taking place and it is a factor that will make foreign plotters to take some drastic decisions likely to affect their chosen darlings or to remove obstacles in their opposition. Either way we are likely to see some surprising outcomes which are well established parts of regime change.

The visit of Kerry to Sri Lanka and to use Asianized Westerners to rub salt to Asians with their democratic talk means that on the guise of minority rights the objective would be to push the nation a step towards separating and dividing the nation. The manner that US uses Muslims (as Jihadists and foot soldiers to invade nations) and then does not hesitate to destroy Muslims (by arming factions and getting each to kill other) should make Tamils think twice about the damage they are helping to create just to satisfy an ego complex derived from British divide & rule policy passed down from one generation to the next.

The lurking dangers

With the gamut of international/local media, international trade monopoly, international banking systems, international laws articulated by West’s stooge the UN, will be used in its full strength to bring down national leaders or prop up local puppets as can be seen by the shower of praises coming to Sirisena-Ranil by the same parties that admonished Rajapakse. You can be rest assured that a return of Rajapakse will see a fresh assault of the same war crimes allegations which have now been shoved into the corner for the time being as their alternate plan is working well so far though taking Rajapakse’s to The Hague is well on the cards!

The new British envoy’s statement on ‘interfaith’ all lead to pushing Buddhism to the background and to have Western ideology dictate how Sri Lanka’s future policies should be carved. This combines with Western-Indian stooge CBK’s admission that Sinhala hegemony must be broken and takes us 200 years back to the Kandyan Convention wherein despite promises to keep Buddhism as state religion the British contrived intricately to divide the Sinhalese and dilute the powers of the Sinhala Buddhists.

Future elections will be about dividing the Sinhalese breaking a large chunk to tie up with all the minorities and thus enable a winning ‘national unity’ Parliament which has nothing ‘national’ and ‘united’ deciphers to mean dividing the nations as per orders by those that fund or rule these minorities. Politicians need to be aware of these metrics at all times.

The earthquake in Nepal and the steady flow of NGOs into the country, distribution of Bibles instead of food/water shows that these entities would be used to carve out the agenda for Asian nations. Locals are used by NGOs to collect data which are sent back to the West where teams decipher info and plan how to orchestrate CHANGE. The news that Sri Lanka’s key Ministries now have to send all reports to be overlooked by West should shock the public. This CHANGE government has facilitated the West to penetrate into local systems and be able to manipulate them at every level therefore even with a national leader they will be able to pull the strings. To address this dangerous scenario one national leader and a handful of supporters is not enough, the people must realize and ask themselves whether they wish to return to days of colonial rule (the declaration by NESTLE head that water is not a human right is an example that people will be divided as Rulers and Serfs).

This CHANGE capsule throughout 100 days has done irreparable damage to Sri Lanka far more than the West had done on its own throughout colonial rule.

Reversing this damage lies in the hands of the People of Sri Lanka.

Remember – Everything white is not always right.

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