If we fail to make good use of the opportunities, then we would have to return to ground zero! Sampanthan warns 

He said this in the meeting for discussing explanation for a report to be submitted to President Task Force team on district situation held at Trincomalee Urban Council hall for which Eastern Province Minister of Education S. Thandayuthapani chaired and provincial council members and regional council members have participated in the meeting.

When he provided his opinions further, he said:

Today all the issues of Sri Lankan Tamils have been taken to the attention of international community. Particularly the issues are taken to the attention of UN Human Rights Committee. There were resolutions already passed against Sri Lanka and as per that enquiries have been conducted. The report from UN Human Rights Committee should have been arrived by this time. But due to the request of current government, the release of report is postponed.

Now because the Sri Lankan government has expressed and provided an undertaking that they are ready to work with UN and Human Rights Council, the release of enquiry report has been postponed to Purataathi month of this year.

As far as UN Human Rights Council is concerned, they want to know the truth. Also they are firm in their goal to make sure that justice is upheld and the incidents happened should not be repeated again in Sri Lanka.

Even special reporters have recently visited Sri Lanka. Observing all these, it is clear that there is a good opportunity arisen for us. We should make use of this opportunity in full.

There have been suggestions submitted for new election process. In this regard, the decision has not been taken by the government yet. When the government takes a decision, and conducts election based on that decision, we will take part in that election.

We have already discussed on the current political situation. The main aspect of our detailed discussion is about the task force set up by the President. This Task Force has been set up to make reconciliation among the Tamil people in the North East. TNA team has met with them last week.

Government is currently ready to know the truth of all the atrocities against Tamil people for long time, provide justice based on that and try to make reconciliation. They are also interested in devising plans and actions to stop these incidents from occurring in future. This is the situation today.

Moreover as far as Trincomalee district is concerned, it is required that actual situation to be compiled and submitted to President Task Force team regarding the information on land grabbing, profession related matters, rehabilitation, arrested youth, disappeared persons and livelihood for widows.

Cultural centers, Temples, Mosques and Churches have been destroyed in the past. Now it is a good opportunity and time to collect sufficient details regarding the data collected on the above to submit it to Presidential Commission so that a good solution can be evolved. Hence we should use this opportunity properly.

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