Australia’s Request to Block the Arrival of Sri Lankan Refugees

AustraliaThe Foreign Affairs Minister of Australia Julie Bishop, who is on an official visit to India from 12-15 April, had talks with Sri Lankan Tamils based in Chennai.

She told media that she had met the representative’s of the Sri Lankan People in Tamil Nadu and she had discussions with them.In a Twitter message on Wednesday Ms. Bishop said she had a constructive discussion with senior Sri Lankan Tamils in Chennai. She has requested the Sri Lankan Government to block the arrival of Sri Lankan Refugees in Australia through illegal methods.

Prior to the meeting with Sri Lankan Tamils, Julie Bishop inaugurated the Australia’s new consulate in Chennai and met with the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, O. Panneerselvam as part of strengthening relations between the two nations. The Australian consulate in Chennai is the first such facility in the Southern region.

Meanwhile, the Australian government has decided to place those who attempt to illegally migrate to Australia under detention in Cambodia. Presently, such refugees are being kept in Nauru and Papua New Guinea, the islands which are located closer to Australia.

Australia signed a bilateral agreement with Cambodia last September regarding the detention of illegal migrants.

Refugees being brought to Cambodia are eligible to apply for Cambodian citizenship after a period of seven years and the children of such settlers are considered as Cambodian citizens.

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