Talks in Singapore on promoting reconciliation in Sri Lanka

reconciliationA meeting  organised by the Government of Switzerland and the In Transformation Initiative (ITI) was held from 03 – 05 April in Singapore. The meeting between Tamil and Sri Lankan groups was on promoting Reconciliation and strengthening Democracy in Sri Lanka.

The South Africa based organisation, ITI, has been involved in facilitating dialogue between the two sides following the end of the conflict, and was established by four prominent figures involved in the transition from Apartheid, including Roelf Meyer, ANC figures, Mohammed Bhabha and Ebrahim Ebrahim and Ivor Jenkins.

Representatives of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), officials from the Sri Lankan government, and Tamil diaspora groups, including the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) and all its key member groups: Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), Australian Tamil Congress (ATC), Norwegian Council of Eelam Tamil (NCET), Swedish Tamil Forum (STF), Malaysian Tamils and the US Tamil Political Action Council (USTPAC) are stated to have participated at the talks.

The ITI  releasing a statement on 05 April 2015 said:

As part of an on-going dialogue process towards promoting reconciliation and strengthening of democracy in Sri Lanka, the Government of Switzerland and the In Transformation Initiative (ITI) from South Africa, invited a group of political, civil society, academic, Diaspora and other international stakeholders including an observer from the Government of Australia to a meeting in Singapore from 3 to 5 April 2015.

This is a continuation of dialogues on strengthening democracy and promoting sustainable peace in Sri Lanka, and is consistent with several other initiatives of the Government of Switzerland and ITI that included various meetings and visits by Sri Lankan government ministers and senior officials, opposition and ruling party members, as well as other stakeholders including diaspora representative groups.

Various issues including the on-going democratisation activities in Sri Lanka, potential initiatives for achieving long lasting peace and reconciliation were discussed. It was agreed to continue this engagement and dialogue to accelerate the process of achieving meaningful reconciliation among all Sri Lankans.

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