Tamil diaspora activists protest against TNA MP

sumanthiranTamil diaspora activists condemned TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran for his video call to halt the protest organised by the Tamil Coordinating Committee and the British Tamil Forum in front of Westminster Abbey, London.

In his call Mr, Sumanthiran said; “Tamil community’s vote up and down the country, particularly in the North, East had primary contribution in bringing Maithripala Sirisena to power as the new President. The same Tamil people also welcomed the President in his recent visit to the North and East. Not a single demonstration/protest was held against him when he came to these areas.

“Respecting that vote and our people’s wish from the ground, I humbly request the organisers particularly the BTF who work with TNA to call off the protest.

“Its only 2 months that’s passed since the new President came to power and although several of the commitments haven’t yet been fulfilled, there are positive signs of these commitments being delivered. We shouldn’t be a reason for non-delivery as enemies of the new President may use these kinds of acts to curtail his ability to deliver.

“He has already removed the military governors from North and East. He recommitted himself that land will be redistributed, people will be resettled in their own lands and that prisoners will be released or charged when he visited the North and East a few days ago.

“We should enable him to deliver on these rather than help the opposition block his ability to deliver. Therefore I ask kindly and humbly that not even for TNA’s sake, but respecting our own peoples vote, please call off the demonstration.

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