Feltman promises TNA a stronger report in September: UN Official

unUnited Nations Under Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman who is on a visit to Sri Lanka had promised that, a stronger  UN report on Sri Lanka will be tabled in September and that it is not necessary for Tamil people to lose faith on it. He also said UN had obtained the Sri Lanka regime’s guaranty to implement recommendation made in that report.

Mr. Feltman on a 04 day visit to Sri Lanka, met the The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) on 28 Feb. The UN Political Affairs Official for Asia- Pacific Region, and High Commissioner for Sri Lanka, Subaino Nandi met a delegation  of TNA comprising  R. Sampanthan, and MPs,  Mavai Senathirajah, Suresh Premachandran and Sumanthiran. Feltman indicated to the TNA that, he will use his visit to evaluate the Sri Lanka situation after the election, and  to evaluate the state of implementation of matters related to Learning the Truth, Accountability, Establishing Justice.

The TNA discussed several issues, with UN Under-Secretary-General including the proposed domestic investigation. The TNA on their part explained to him how the Tamil people were highly disappointed by the postponement of UN Report and had told him that this report should have been published on the scheduled date, which could have solved not only the day to day problems of the Tamil people but also could have opened the way for the solution of Ethnic Problem. Tamil people wanted a regime change, but they not going to accept the changes happening now, they had told him. TNA Parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran said that the TNA informed the top UN official that they had no faith in a domestic probe.

Answering their concern, he had told them that, before coming here he had met UNHR Commissioner, Hussein,  and that, he also is aware of the disappointment of the Tamil people. This report had been postponed now.  It will be published in September. When it is published in September, there is no question about it will be stronger. Hence Tamil people need not be disappointed. The Sri Lanka regime had promised to implement UN recommendations through internal mechanism, with International standards. Postponement was made to give new government time. TNA had pointed out that the changes expected by Tamil People are not happening, specially, no decision had been reached regarding matters of Resettlement, release of Tamil political prisoners and missing people. They have not even opened their mouths regarding Solution to Ethnic Problem, they had told him. In reply he had told that the UN will continue to exert pressure on Sri Lanka.

Mr. Feltman, had separate talks with President Maithripala Sirisena and Deputy Foreign Minister Ajith Perera.

The UN official will visit Jaffna on Monday and will also hold a media briefing on Tuesday, the UN office in Colombo said.

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