Investigate “Secret Camps”

investigationThe Organisation for finding Missing persons has stated that, the current regime should re-open the investigation regarding 07 secret camps at several locations, somewhere in  North Central Province and elsewhere, which were mulled by the former Government on the guise of lack of evidence, and that several matters  will come to light as consequences of such an investigation.this is stated in press release of the Secretary of the Organisation, Suntharam Mahendran.

 It is further said in that release, “ MP, Suresh Premachandran had  said in the Parliament that former Defense Secretary,  Gotabhaya operated a secret detention Camp within the Navy Camp in Trincomalee and that more than 700 Tamil people are detained there. He had also said that there may be several others detained in secret camps elsewhere in the country.

We have held several protest and had informed the DIG in charge of Terrorism Interdiction Division and provided some evidence connected to this. But the investigations were abandoned during the reign of the former government, pretending lack of evidence.

“ Although, The people who were released from these camps had given information that others are being detained in these camps, they are terrified to come forward to give public evidence. These people flee the country as soon as they are released due to life threats. The issue of the Secret camps could not be brought out adequately because of this.

“The current regime should pay attention to this matter revealed by MP, Suresh Premachandran in Parliament. If this matter is shelved, that will help the criminals, who perpetrated this crime to escape the clutches of justice. Hence please take immediate action.”, they have insisted.

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