Expedite implementation of discussed matters

tna 2The Second of the meetings between the TNA and the Government was held on 20 February 2015. TNA leader R. Sampanthan, M.Senathirajah,  S. Premachandran, P. Selvarasa and M. Sumanthiran participated on behalf of the TNA. Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremasinghe,and Re-settlement Minister Swaminathan  along with their Secretaries participated on the Government side.

The  TNA, wanted the Government to take speedy action to implement matters already discussed before discussing any further matters.

Commenting on the meeting the spokesperson of TNA, S.Premachandran said that, matters regarding North-Sampur re-settlement, release of Tamil political prisoners and matters regarding missing persons were discussed. When the matter of re-settling in 1000 acres was proposed, we categorically stated that, this proposal had already been rejected by Tamil people and not to attempt to implement the same thing again. We told them that we have provided maps of areas where re-settlement could be carried out without any problem, and not to delay any further the re-settlement.

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