Genocide resolution was an “expression of the emotions and feelings of the Tamil people

wigneswaran 2Northern Chief Minister Vigneswaran at the meeting on 12 February, had explained to President Maithripala Sirisena the circumstances under which the NPC resolution was drafted and presented. He said that the resolution was an “expression of the emotions and feelings of the Tamil people” and was aimed at ensuring that the Tamil question remained a live issue on the international radar.

Vigneswaran praised President Sirisena for his Independence day address to establish harmony relationship between the population of the northern and southern regions and stated that the Tamil people were receptive to the sentiments expressed.

President Sirisena had said that the issue of returning lands under armed forces control was being addressed. He said that as a initial step around 1000 acres under army control in the north has been identified for release to the owners. President Sirisena said a cabinet paper for the release of 1000 acres in the Valigamam North AGA division has been presented approval obtained Chief Minister Vigneswaran said.

Prior to this meeting  officials held a high level meeting discussing details the Indo-Sri Lankan fishermen issues, especially the use of bottom trawling boats for fishing in the Palk Strait. The CM wanted the governments of both countries ban on this method of fishing which should be confined to the deep sea of the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal and had proposed joint naval surveillance as a part of a solution to address the longstanding issue.

President Maithripala Sirisena is to discuss the Repatriation, Fishing and UN report  during the visit to India.

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