TNA to respond to Hakeem’s call today

TNA SLMC 2Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Leader Rauff Hakeem called the Tamil National Alliance to be a stake holder in the administration of the Eastern Province headed by Chief Minister Nazeer Ahamed. He also called upon other parties to extend participation.

Tamil National Alliance is to respond  to the invitation extended by Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Leader Rauff Hakeem today to form an all party administration in the Eastern Province.

TNA Leader R.Sampanthan is to announce the decision after meeting with party Councilors in the Eastern Province and TNA Parliamentarians in the East.

Tamil National Alliance Leader R.Sampanthan earlier accused the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress taking up the rein of administration in the Eastern Provincial Council is a breach of the mandate given by the people during the 2012 provincial poll.

He said that during the Eastern Provincial Council poll, the SLMC that had quit the UPFA Government carried out a campaign opposing  the policies of the UPFA Government. After the polls, they made an  about turn and supported the UPFA to form a Government in the Eastern Provincial Council.

He stated that the, Tamil National Alliance  won 12 seats, while SLMC got only 7 seats and the TNA had won two seats of the three districts in the East. He accused that the SLMC had taken an unprincipled stand.

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