SLMC’s administration in EP is a breach of mandate of people: Sampanthan

Muslim congressTamil National Alliance Leader R.Sampanthan has accused that Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Alliance taking up the rein of administration in the Eastern Provincial Council is a breach of the mandate given by the people during the 2012 provincial poll.

Talking to a foreign media, he charged that during the Eastern Provincial Council poll, the SLMC that had quit the UPFA government carried out a campaign posing as if they were opposed to the policies of the UPFA government. After the polls, they made a right about turn and supported the UPFA to form a government in the Eastern Provincial Council.

He stated that furthermore, Tamil National Alliance had won 12 seats, while SLMC got only 7 seats. TNA had won seats in two of the three districts in the East. He made an accusation that SLMC had taken an unprincipled stand.

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