Google releases free satellite images of Nagarkovil to monitor resettlement

Sri Lanka mapGoogle has made satellite images of Nagarkovil available for free in order to monitor progress on resettlement, as part of an initiative to release data free for humanitarian and climate change projects.

Google, which bought the satellite image company Skybox Imaging earlier this year, is releasing data in order to “leverage our imaging capability for positive change in the world”, the company’s co-founder, Julian Mann said at the annual Geo for Good User Summit this month.

“In my new role on the Google Earth Outreach team, I have been astounded by the way these tools have changed how our partners do their work and tell their amazing stories. I have also learned that one of the most frequent questions is “Can you get us newer images of this place?” And I’m excited to say that now the answer is “YES, we can get new satellite imagery for you!” said Mann.

 Today, at our annual Geo for Good User Summit, we announced the Skybox for Good program, under which we will contribute fresh satellite imagery to projects that save lives, protect the environment, promote education, and positively impact humanity.

We’ve captured some images of Nagarkovil village in Northern Sri Lanka. HALO Trust previously cleared landmines in this area and used updated imagery to help verify that people are returning, having built 84 houses and cultivating over 40 hectares of agricultural land.

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