Mission Way to Economic Terror?

TerrorismEconomic terrorism is allegedly Pakistan’s newest weapon in its low-intensity war against India. As part of its nefarious design, Islamabad’s Embassies in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand and Bangladesh are involved in striking at the country’s financial nerve by pumping in fake Indian currency notes (FICN), reveals an intelligence dossier, which sheds light on the Islamic Republic’s conspiracy.

The probe by the security and intelligence agencies reveals that diplomatic channel is used as launch pads to clandestinely circulate the FICN through underworld conduits and the open market. According to the dossier, Pakistan is printing and circulating FICN worth about Rs 10,000 crore every year to destabilise India’s financial system. This estimate, agencies pointed out, is based on the reports collected through various probe and seizures made in India and abroad.

“Interestingly, there has so far not been any case of FICN detection in Pakistan till now, despite the fact that the seizures abroad have clearly established the identity of Pakistani couriers and all flights they have used originated from either Pakistan or Dubai,” the intelligence dossier stated.

Revealing the modus operandi, the report suggested that the actors involved in the FICN racket are also using the Pakistani Inter-Services Intellegince(ISI)-underworld links in Dubai to smuggle high quality FICN produced in Pakistan.

They have been using Dubai-Sri Lanka, Dubai-Chennai, Dubai-Kathmandu, Dubai-Kuala Lumpur-Bangalore, Dubai -Dhaka-Kolkata and Dubai-Lahore-New Delhi route to smuggle in the FICN.

The dossier, however, doesn’t mention Samjhauta Express, which was earlier used by the underworld.

Four Pakistani nationals, recently arrested with FICN worth Rs 47 lakh, are undergoing trial in a Dubai Criminal Court and preliminary investigations revealed that the money was handed over to them by an ISI agent in Dubai.

The investigators disclosed that the currency notes were counterfeited in such a way that and it was difficult for a layman to tell them they were fake.

“The FICN being produced in Pakistan contains some elements identical to the Pakistani currency. They use highly specialised and exclusive technology, which is known to have been provided by international companies to Pakistan,” the dossier said.(New Indian Express)Terrorism

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