Anandasangaree To Form New Alliance

 anandasangareeTamil United Liberation Front leader V. Anandasangaree has stated that he is in the process of forming an alternative front of Tamil parties against the Tamil National Alliance.

He has told local media that the new alliance has already incorporated three political parties, including the TULF and The Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front (Vartharaja Group). Meanwhile Anandasangaree has also stated that discussions were underway to attract other parties including those within the TNA to the new alliance. He expects to hold the inaugural meeting on 4 September 2014.

This will work as an alternative to the TNA which has misled the Tamil people through its sectarian, racist policies, Anandasangaree said.

V. Anandasangaree is a former Member of Parliament and leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front. He is a vocal critic of violence committed by all sides and a supporter of federalism similar to that of India as a solution to Sri Lanka’s ethnic conflict.

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