TNA MPs meet Swaraj, seeks Indian help to resolve SL Tamil issue

TNA sushma_sambanthan_001A delegation of Tamil National Alliance (TNA), which rules Jaffna Province of Sri Lanka, called on External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Friday and said India can play a major role in resolving the ethnic Tamil problem in the island nation.

“India’s involvement in the resolution of the Sri Lankan Tamil issue is vital,” TNA leader R Sampanthan said after meeting Swaraj here.

“They (people who live in Sri Lanka) have their roots in India. Their culture is Indian and everything is Indian. So, I think India is one country that can play a major role,” he said.

The delegation comprising six TNA MPs held discussion on various issues and complained about the alleged attempts by the Sri Lankan Government to change the democratic composition of the northern province.

“We have explained the position currently prevalent on the ground in the north and the east… The difficulties people are facing, the aggressive program implemented by the Sri Lankan Government to change the democratic composition of the northern and eastern provinces and the cultural and linguistics identity of the areas,” he said.

Accusing the Sri Lankan Government of being not interested in any political solution, Sampanthan said steps have “not been taken to implement the 13th amendment for devolving powers to the Tamil minority”.

“We have also talked about various other matters that are of concern of Tamil people and requested that some action can be taken by India. India should be pro-active in dealing with these questions,” he stressed.

The delegation’s meeting with Swaraj was cordial, he said, adding the MPs are meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday. (New Indian Express)

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