Ed Miliband – Important we never forget’ Black July

Miliband  EdThe leader of the British opposition Labour Party, Ed Miliband has stressed the importance of not forgetting the lives lost during Black July, in a statement to commemorate the pogroms in 1983.

“This month, in remembrance of Black July, we commemorate the lives of Tamil men, women and children that were lost and those who were displaced and exiled as a result of the regrettable violence,” Mr Miliband said in his statement, released on Friday.

“We may never know exactly how many lives were lost, but it is clear that the memories of the violence that ensued still live on. And it is important that we never forget.”

The Labour leader reiterated his party’s support for the UNHRC resolution that passed earlier this year and said Labour would continue to put pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron and the British government to ensure an international investigation into allegations of violations and abuses of international law happens.

“I believe an international investigation would be the first small step towards a permanent political settlement that would be acceptable to both parties and towards the permanent peace which is the precondition for rebuilding a successful Sri Lanka,” he said.

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