Katchatheevu agreement should be reopened and renegotiated

Kachchatheevu_2A direct was lifted in Rajya Sabha that a supervision should renegotiate Katchatheevu agreement with Sri Lanka to strengthen a rights of Tamil fishermen in a island, underneath possession of a beside country.

Raising a emanate of predicament of Tamil fishermen during a hands of Sri Lankan Navy, D Raja (CPI) pronounced “Katchatheevu agreement should be reopened and renegotiated” to safeguard fishing rights to a fishermen from India there.

“We have lifted a predicament of fishermen umpteen times though zero has happened. The fishermen are in prisons, they are attacked…Even a Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has regularly created to Centre.

He said, “I do not wish forgiveness from government…They are not Tamil fishermen…they are Indian fishermen…Indian supervision should take shortcoming of their fishermen and revive their rights.”

V Maitreyan (AIADMK) said, “We are repelled to hear about a confirmation filed by External Affairs Ministry that Katchatheevu is a staid matter.”

He congratulated a new supervision for ensuring recover of 184 fishermen by Sri Lanka though during a same time demanded stairs to safeguard recover of their boats impounded by a island nation.

Raising a associated issue, Kanimozhi (DMK) pronounced a supervision should take evident stairs for lapse of boats of expelled Tamil fishermen by Sri Lankan government.

“The Tamil fishermen are vital underneath consistent fear… supervision should take stairs for a permanent solution,” she said.

She also demanded origination of a apart Ministry for Fishery observant seafood to a balance of Rs 18,836 crore were exported final year.

“There should be a good designed plan and dedicated Ministry for Fishery, that is a third biggest source of provision after agriculture,” she said, sketch courtesy of a Prime Minister towards a matter. (Indian Radios)

The islet of Katchatheevu was ceded to Sri Lanka as per pacts of 1974 and 1976 between India and Sri Lanka and do not consult any fishing rights on fishermen from India. However, Indian fishermen can take rest in Katchatheevu island and dry their fishing nets though not locate fish.

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