Sampanthan hopes, the doors to a political settlement will be opened soon!

Sampanthan“We trust that doors will open soon for a political solution to the Tamil people problems. We are trying to achieve that. At the same time, we also expect that Sri Lankan Tamils will get salvation by international participation including participation by United Nations, United States and India”, the leader of Tamil National Alliance and parliamentarian for Trincomalee District R. Sampanthan said.

“Regarding bilateral talks between Government and TNA, we won’t participate in the Parliamentary Select committee meeting, unless the government acts in satisfactory manner concerning the agreement between President Mahinda Rajapaksa and me”, he further said.

“Recently, after India’s new prime minister Narendra Modi took oath of his office, in the first meeting happened on the next day, issues related to Sri Lankan Tamils were discussed between Indian PM and Mahinda Rajapaksa. Therefore We trust that doors will open soon for a political solution to the Sri Lankan Tamil people problems. We are trying to achieve that any how”, he mentioned. Also he said that there are chances for Tamil National Alliance to meet the new Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi soon.

“With respect to South Africa’s reconciliation efforts in relation to Sri Lanka, clarity would emerge soon in the coming weeks,” he said. Moreover he also said that the Sri Lankan government should not be adamant and should cooperate with UN special investigation team formed on violation of human rights and war crimes in Sri Lanka.

“When political changes happen, there will be resolutions implemented for administrative issues of the Northern Provincial Council and ongoing military occupation. Hence the Tamil people  who helped Tamil National Alliance to win in the North should having be little more patience”, he said. The aim of the Sri Lankan government is to attempt confusing things and we should not support such activities, he said.

“In the last Eastern Provincial Council election, Muslim people of the region voted for Tamil – Muslims population together forming a government. But Sri Lanka Muslim Congress evaded the collective people support”, he accused.
Hence Tamil – Muslim people should continue unity in this situation, where violence against Muslims happen. He requested Sri Lanka Muslim Congress to take a decision after thinking deeply.

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