Sri Lankan government actions would be isolating minorities: U.S. Warning

usaid  The continuing centralization of development and political activities by the Srilankan government may further isolate the ethnic and religious minority communities, the United States warned. The governments should give equal political rights and civil liberties to Muslims, Christians, and Hindus, the U.S Government has said. It has been five years since the end of Sri Lankan 26 years of civil war, circumstances are more challenging than they were a year ago, U.S.government pointed out.

After the Northern Provincial Council elections, there has been little movement on reconciliation by the Government, the U.S Government has said in a report to Congress. The U.S said its strategy in Sri Lanka is to work towards protecting democracy. Though USAID  programs primarily operate in the former war zones, they seek to appeal to moderate members of civil society and to empower youth and women in the family.

 U.S. plans to provide assistance to strengthen media freedom. U.S. programs also support the large numbers of internally displaced persons (IDPs) who have yet to be resettled. At the same time the U.S. government is taking steps for creating a peaceful reconciliation.

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