TNA welcomes Jayalalithaa victory

tna 2   The Tamil National Alliance has written to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa, on 27 May,  congratulating her on election victory and welcoming her continued concern regarding the Tamil question. The letter, sent earlier this week, called the AIADMK victory “an astounding achievement and is indicative of the influence which you have the capacity to wield”.

Requesting a meeting with the Chief Minister, whose party is now the 3rd largest in India, TNA leader R Sampanthan went on to reiterate concerns that were mentioned in an earlier letter to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Sampanthan stated the TNA “look forward to working closely with you and your government to further strengthen our ties” and stated that,

1. The Sri Lankan government has not honoured the several commitments made to India and to the International Community to evolve an acceptable political solution to the national question;

2. The agenda being aggressively persued by the Sri Lankan government through the several actions stipulated in the said letter to radically alter the demographic composition of the majori ty Tamil speaking territories, the Northern and Eastern provinces and also change the ethnic, linguistic and cultural identities of the said territories; and

3. The aforesaid actions of the Sri Lankan government are clearly indicative of the lack of genuine commitment on the part of the Sri Lankan government to evolve an acceptable political solution.

See the letter here.

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