President Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Modi Meet in New Delhi

president Rajapaksa   Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday met Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Hyderabad House and discussed the issue of Tamils and fishermen.

The two leaders had an in-depth discussion of issues of mutual concern. President Rajapaksa described the initiatives Sri Lanka has taken with regard to rehabilitation, resettlement, reconstruction and the ongoing reconciliation process in the country. President Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Modi also discussed the issue of fishermen of both countries and measures that can be taken to find a permanent solution through a process in which the views of fishermen from both countries can be taken into consideration. Both agreed that talks between the fishermen and the meeting of the joint committee of officials must continue.

Indian foreign secretary Sujatha Singh said India conveyed that it valued its relations with Sri Lanka and also stressed on the equality, justice and peace for Sri Lankan Tamils. She went on to quote Prime Minister Modi telling Mr Rajapaksa, “Early and full implementation of the 13th Amendment and going beyond would contribute to this process.”

She said the Indian fishermen issue was discussed too. Sri Lankan President  Mahinda Rajapaksa before coming to India to take part in the swearing-in of Modi had ordered the release of all Indian fishermen jailed in his country. The two countries agreed on economic and commercial cooperation, she said.

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