Proscriptions do not constrain your freedoms, Australian govt tells diaspora groups

Australia Australia’s Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Senator Brett Mason said in a letter addressed to the proscribed, Australian Tamil Congress (ATC) that Sri Lanka’s listings of Tamil diaspora groups as terrorists “do not constrain the freedom of these groups and individuals to express their views and to operate in the Australia in accordance with Australian law.”I can assure you the Australian government strongly supports the right to freedom of expression and we do not consider targeting these Tamil diaspora organisations and individuals is conducive to reconciliation in Sri Lanka.”

On the proscription of the Tamil Youth Organisation and individuals residing in Australia, Senator Mason, went on to say that”Senior Australian officials have directly registered with the Sri Lankan government Australia’s concerns on this issue and sought clarification from Sri Lankan counterparts, including on practical implications of the listings.”

“I would refer you and other ATC members to Australia’s travel advice for Sri Lanka, which was reissued on 9 April to highlight that the Prevention of Terrorism Act remains in place in Sri Lanka, and permits prolonged detention without charge or trial.”


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