Northern Provincial Council holds Mullivaikal memorial event

Northern  Province    The Northern Provincial Council held a Mullivaikal memorial event this morning, during the NPC’s 9th meeting in Kaithadi, lighting candles in remembrance of those killed in May 2009. Wearing black shawls around their necks l NPC members including Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran, Ananthy Sasitharan and M.K. Shivajilingham of the Tamil National Alliance, as well as NPC opposition leader, Thavarasa, took part in the remembrance event.

Meanwhile  Students at the University of Jaffna announced two days of strike, protesting over the anonymous death threats issued to staff and students earlier this week.

In a posters around the premises, students said: “We the students of the University of Jaffna, hereby declare a two day (Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd) strike because of the anonymous [threats] to the University Society.”

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