Chinese military delegation in Sri Lanka

China Sri lanka   A  senior military delegation from China visiting Sri Lanka called on President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday. The Vice Chairman of China’s Central Military Commission Air Chief Marshal Xu Qiliang said that the purpose of the visit was to further enhance the “strategic mutual trust” between China and Sri Lanka and to elevate “relations between the two countries and the armed forces to a new level.”

Mr Xu said Sri Lanka’s military was “well-trained and well-managed,” and that the military relationship between the two countries was “a priority”.

“We all know that Your Excellency is a legendary statesman with outstanding leadership,” Mr. Xu said.

“You’re a great hero for defeating terrorism. We admire your success of defeating the LTTE and the rapid (post-war) reconstruction. Within a short period of five years after the war [ended], people are now living a peaceful life. People are enjoying their peaceful lives, the stability and development. It is a great achievement.”

President Rajapaksa said that that Sri Lanka’s support of China in matters such as the One-China Policy and the South China Sea issue will remain the same.

“I assure you our policies towards China have never changed and won’t change. Our position is very clear,” he said.

“We must thank your Government and your people for supporting us at the UN Human Rights Council,” the President said.


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