No Intelligence Officers sent to foreign countries

Army soldier   Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Defence rejected a media report in a Sinhala daily that the country has sent intelligence officers abroad as part of an operation against the LTTE.

The Ministry of Defence issuing a statement  however rejected this report, stating that no such comment was made. The Ministry of Defence and Urban Development statement said:

A Sinhala daily newspaper today (30th April 2014) quoting the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development had reported that 18 Intelligence Officers had been sent to 18 countries as part of an international operation against the LTTE rump organizations.

The Ministry would like to state that the Secretary of Defence and Urban Development (MOD & UD) had not made such a statement.  The  Ministry of Defence and Urban Development categorically denies that Intelligence Officers being sent to other countries to educate officials of those countries as part of an international operation.

The government recently listed  the LTTE and other organizations that have links with the LTTE terrorists under the Chapter 40 of the Public Security Ordinance and UN Security Council resolutions aimed at prevention of terrorism.

The officials of the Ministry of Defence who visit relevant countries on official duties and diplomats of the Ministry of External Affairs have educated relevant authorities in respective countries about the threats posed by those organizations and persons listed in recent gazette notification that listed the organizations. Further, diplomats of relevant countries stationed in Sri Lanka have also been educated on government actions with regards to listing those organizations and persons.

 The government  has taken these measures to address the threats posed by the LTTE rump organizations and LTTE operatives that are based in other countries through diplomatic channels in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution No 1373.

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