Jaffna police plan to recruit Tamil women

police women

   The Jaffna police is to recruit more Tamil women into the force across the Northern Province, the district’s superintendent told journalists at a weekly press briefing on Friday.

“Since the day I came to office, civilians have complained about a lack of female officers at police stations in Jaffna [and] we have found this problem exists not only in Jaffna, but all over the Northern Province in my investigations,” the Uthayan quoted the superintendent as saying.

“In order to address this issue, actions are being taken to recruit Tamil women into the police,” he said.

“Once we receive 500 applications, a training centre will be established in the Northern Province,” the superintendent added.

Rejecting widespread reports of intimidation, abuse and sexual violence against Tamil women recruited into Sri Lanka’s security forces, he said,

“There is a prejudice amongst the people that female recruits are harassed by senior officials. Those who wish to join the police can speak to female police officers in your regions and clarify your doubts.”



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