Jaffna Uni Student’s Union condemns search of residence

Army war heroes     The University of Jaffna’s Student Union in a statement on Friday condemned an extensive military search of the male students’ residence, which the Union describes as a breach of security that has created a tense atmosphere around the campus.

The Union also criticised the administration for remaining mute on the subject, including the fact that students were intimidated by military officials. Their silence has caused students to question the administration’s ability and commitment to protecting its students. The Union further said in the statement:

“That the security forces – who have been repressing all our rights to freedom of expression under the excuse of terrorism – are entering and searching without any apparent reason has created fear among the students.”

The Union stated that despite the government’s claims of peace, terrorism laws continued to be used to terrorise the Tamil population. In the statement, the Union demanded that the security forces cease intimidating the student body and causing disruptions to the University’s academic life.

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