Wigneswaran briefs Singapore FM

Northern  Province  Singapore Foreign Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam launched a community development project by the Singapore International Foundation at the Jaffna Library on Friday. The project aims to enhance the English Language communication skills of the youth  aged between 10 and 18 years old by equipping them with learning resources in English and training Jaffna’s English language teachers.

Northern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran briefed the Mister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Law in Singapore, K Shanmugam, on the difficulties faced by the Northern Provincial Council.

The Singaporean Minister was briefed when he visited Jaffna today as part of his visit to Sri Lanka when he also met other officials including the Northern Governor.

According to Jaffna media, Wigneswaran had raised concerns over the inability for the Northern Provincial Council to conduct its operations effectively owing to the failure by the Government to set the right conditions for that.

Wigneswaran had told the Jaffna media that he had informed Shanmugam, the Government was placing several barricades which are preventing the Northern Provincial Council from moving forward.

Mr Shanmugam also met President Mahinda Rajapakse on Tuesday in Colombo and reflected on the countries’ growing bilateral ties.

Speaking at a media briefing in Colombo on Friday, Mr  Shanmugam said;

“Today I think it is a bit difficult to say there is a uniform international opinion. The members in the Human Rights Council, by a majority, voted to a number of things to look at and have a report filed. Take the US, take India, take China. US, pre-eminent power in the world, India your closest neighbor and huge trading partner, and China your significant and economic trading partner. The US of course push for the resolution, India abstained  and China opposes. So, even there you do not see a certain uniformity of views.”

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