India: resolution intrusive, calls for national mechanism

india flag   Responding to questions regarding India’s abstention from the resolution tabled at the United Nations Human Rights Council today, an Indian spokesman reiterated, for the second time today, that an international investigative mechanism, whilst being ’intrusive’, also ‘undermined the sovereignty’ of Sri Lanka.

The spokesman further added that the international community should instead aim to help the government perform a ‘comprehensive independent and credible national mechanism’ into atrocities.

Transcript of interview.

“Yes we have voted differently on this resolution as it is very different from previous resolutions on Sri Lanka. Unlike the resolutions of 2009, 2012 and 2013, this resolution imposes an international investigative mechanism. It is an intrusive approach that undermines national sovereignty.”

“As a close neighbour of Sri Lanka we cannot remain untouched by the developments in Sri Lanka. We are aware that while significant steps have been taken much more needs to be done by the government of Sri Lanka. The international approach must aim to enable Sri Lanka to investigate allegations of human rights violations through a comprehensive, independent and credible national mechanism and bring to justice those found guilty.”

“ An external investigative mechanism with an open ended mandate to monitor national processes is not a constructive approach. In our view adopting an intrusive approach that undermines national sovereignty and institutions is counterproductive. Hence we have in this instance abstained don the resolution.”

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