Sinha Vows to End Fishermen row in 90 days

BJP 2    Senior BJP leader and former foreign minister Yashwant Sinha on Wednesday said concrete steps would be taken to solve the Tamil Nadu fishermen issue and the Sri Lankan Tamils issue within three months of the NDA forming the government at the Centre.

His assurance at a speech  at the Rajah Annamalai Manram here, drew loud applause. “I have very fond memories of dealing with  Lanka when I was External Affairs Minister because there were no problems.

He charged the Congress-led UPA of being unable to act on matters pertaining to Sri Lanka, as it found it untenable to oppose the Rajapaksa government after having been complicit in the events of the end stages of Lanka’s bloody civil war. He evaded  queries over differences between the party’s Central and State units.

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