UNP MP condemns NPC resolution calling for international inquiry

UNP logo    The UNP condemned the Tamil-led Northern Provincial Council’s passing of a resolution calling for an international inquiry into the armed conflict, reports the DailyMirror.lk.

Speaking to journalists yesterday, the UNP MP Wijedasa Rajapaksa, said that the NPC’s resolution calling for an international investigation was “illegal”.

Stressing that the UNP was ‘prepared to support the Sri Lankan government in in overcoming whatever challenges it may have to face in Geneva in March’, so long as it does not try to gain domestic political advantage from it, he accused the government of inviting a UN led inquiry ‘by agreeing to it in accordance with an MoU signed between the government and the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’.

Despite its political difference with the SLFP-run government, the UNP has repeatedly called for a united approach at the UN Human Rights Council in order to ensure that there is no international investigation calling for accountability and justice into the armed conflict.

Meanwhile, the UNP was one of the first off the mark in calling for an international investigation into the Sri Lankan military’s shooting of two Sinhala protesters in Weliweriya. (Daily Mirror)

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