Edward Miliband meets BTF

miliband ed   British Tamils Forum members met the leader of the Opposition Labour Party Rt. Hon Edward Miliband MP on 29 January at Parliament in an effort to foster closer ties between the Party and the Tamil Community in the UK.

Ahead of the United Nation Human Rights Council (UNHRC) session that is to take place in March, the Labour leader has been calling for an international independent investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity since 2011. Today, the Tamil Community asked Ed Miliband to reassert pressure on the British Government to deliver what Prime Minister David Cameron promised during his visit to Sri Lanka last year – an independent and international investigation. The delegation also briefed Mr Miliband on the current situation for Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Mr Miliband promised he would do everything he could to get the UK government to use its position in the UNHRC to establish an international independent investigation.

British Tamils Forum thanks Ed Miliband and the UK Labour Party for a productive meeting and look forward to further collaboration between the two organisations in future.

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