Why no sympathy for Isaipriya?: Karunanidhi

kaunanidhi   DMK leader M. Karunanidhi on Tuesday said he was saddened by the fact that the Indian government was least bothered about the brutal killing of Isaipriya, a Sri Lankan Tamil broadcaster, but showed a lot of interest in the case of Devyani Khobragade, the Indian diplomat in New York.In a statement here, he said the case of Ms. Devyani became a topical issue in Parliament and outside, and the Indian government and Union Ministers took very serious efforts to help her.

“I am not criticising the Indian government for this. I just wondered why it had not shown any sympathy for Isaipriya, Balachandran, son of LTTE leader Prabakaran, and other Tamils killed in the civil war,” he said.

Hike in prices

Reacting to CPI (M) State secretary G. Ramakrishnan’s criticism that the DMK stood by the Congress-led UPA government even when it increased the price of petroleum products so many times, Mr. Karunanidhi recalled the CPI (M) general secretary,

Prakash Karat’s argument that hike in the price of petroleum products could not be a valid ground for the Left to withdraw the support to the Centre.

“Instead, he asked the Centre and the State government to bring down the tax on petroleum products,” he said.    (The Hindu)

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