Security forces to carry out a number of special events for Christmas and the New Year

Christmas Reconciliation     A 116 feet tall Christmas tree, the largest in the country has been put up in Kilinochchi. The tree is 50 feet in diameter and has been decorated with more than 59, 000 bulbs.

For the past four years Kilinochchi people are able to celebrate their festivals free and without fear. The state has taken a number of measures to ensure their safety and uplift their welfare. Unlike in the days gone by where the people were subjected to suppression by the Tamil tiger terrorists by ways of extracting illegal taxes and extortion from the civilians and traders, now the due to the economic boom that the region is undergoing the shops are doing brisk business and people readily spend to purchase their needs.

The Christmas tree was erected by the security forces under the direction of Security Forces Commander Kilinochchi Maj. Gen. Udaya Perera. It was ceremonially opened for public yesterday evening (20th December).

Security forces took the initiative to put up the Christmas tree to show their solidarity towards the resettled community during this season of peace and giving. Their happiness would definitely be a showcase of peace and harmony in the region and such steps would brighten the efforts of reconciliation in the region. Providing more space for communities to gather and rejoice in their religious ceremonies in the region is a step that goes beyond many things while healing the wounds of the conflict.

The teaching of love and understanding that brings the spirit of sharing, which marks the celebration of Christmas, would help in strengthening the bridges of peace, tolerance and reconciliation that are being built in the country.

Meanwhile, security forces have made preparations to carry out a number of special events to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. The venue will be open for the public from today till 31st December. (

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