TNA to hold protests during CHOGM

 tna 2    The Tamil National Alliance has decided to hold protests during the Commonwealth Heads of State meeting 15th November -20th November in the North and Eastern parts of the island.

TNA also called upon migrated Tamil’s to hold protests in their respective nations.

TNA parliamentarian C.Sridharan speaking to people in the Neerveli said this protest will stress on holding investigations on war crime allegations, genocide attacks, land accusations, disappeared people and also political prisoners detained at prisons, and demanding holding of international investigations on these issues.

Preparations are currently under way to hold the first protest on November 15th in Jaffna. .

The TNA leader R.Sambanthan has ordered the holding of  protests in northern Sri Lanka and has requested  Tamil Nadu citizens to organise protests in their state  to support their demands .

TNA Northern Provincial Council members Vindhan Kanagaratnem, A.Paranjothy, B.Sivayogan, P.Kajadeepan, P.Iyangaranesan and C.V.K.Sivaganam were also present at this meeting.

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