EPDP promises to return Tamils their homes

land rights   Member of the Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP), Kandasamy Kamalendran, who was elected to the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) on Saturday, said it was the EPDP that reassured the people in the North to believe in democracy, and take part in the election without any fear.

Kamalendran, the only EPDP member to be elected to the NPC, said, “I express my grateful thanks to all those who voted for us, accepting our policies wholeheartedly, and to all EPDP comrades and supporters who worked towards our success. We contested the election to ensure the rights of our people and to guarantee better living conditions through political cooperation with the Centre.

We promised our people that if we had their mandate, we would safeguard the Provincial Council authority in a practical way. We promised, through strengthening the provincial council further, we would obtain for the Tamil speaking people,

Their political rights,
Return of their homes,
Other civic rights.

However, the TNA has now been given the mandate by the people, by getting the majority votes. Hence, we request the TNA to work with a view to ensuring the welfare of the people. In the past, the TNA had failed to fulfil their promises to our people, after having obtained their mandate. As such, they should now fulfil their promises to the people and we would wholeheartedly welcome their development-oriented efforts,” he said.

Kamalendran also invited the international community and the Tamil Diaspora to extend their assistance and cooperation to develop the North.

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