‘Thalaivaasal’ to connect diaspora with Tamils living in the North East

internet    The TGTE  announced the creation of a virtual portal named ‘thalaivaasal’ connecting the diaspora with Tamils living in the North East of  Sri Lanka.The portal will enable the TGTE to have dialogue with the people in the North, East in the first instance and later with the wider transnational Tamil community.

It said the application of modern technology and it tools and new forms of media in due course would expand the reach of TGTE’s policy and strategy through this portal, and in turn bring them direct and immediate feedback from the Tamil community.

We are enthused by the use of such technologies recently by the US State Department to open virtual embassies to Iran and Syria, and similarly by Israel to reach out and make their presence in neighboring Gulf Council countries Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. Use of social media to carry out diplomacy and communicate the Tamil point of view to Sinhalese in the island of Sri Lanka is our longer term goal.

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