US says to take advantage of this opportunity

us embassy 2     The United States Embassy issuing a press release has urged the Sri Lanka’ government to extend full support to the new civilian government in the Tamil-dominated northern region.

U.S. Embassy Statement on Provincial Elections:

We congratulate the people of Sri Lanka on their historic Provincial Council elections on September 21.  The high turn-out and participation in all three of the provinces holding elections is a victory for the democratic process.

We remain concerned about reports of elections violence, however, and urge a transparent and independent investigation into the various attacks and that the perpetrators be brought to justice swiftly.  Particularly troubling have been reports of involvement by uniformed individuals in these acts.

A process free of violence and intimidation in the Northern Province is required for greater civilian administration and to help further the reconciliation process four years after the war.  These elections provided a starting point for that process.  Democracy is not simply about elections, however, and more must be done to ensure that Sri Lankans of all communities can live in the peace and dignity that they deserve.

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