Northern UNP candidates to withdraw from election

UNP logo     The 19 UNP candidates who are contesting for the Northern Provincial Council Election are preparing to withdraw from the election due to concerns over their security.

The UNP chief ministerial candidate of the Northern Province Thyagarajah Thuwar-gesh-waram stated that candidates are preparing to take this decision based on an issue regarding their safety.

The UNP chief ministerial candidate alleged that a relative of an SLFP candidate had attacked and damaged the newly established UNP party office in Jaffna – Karainagar and the elections commissioner has been informed of it.

Thyagarajah Thuwar-gesh-waram stated that he had requested for protection for his candidates from DIG Indu Karunarathna who is in charge of the Jaffna region.

He also stated that while the DIG has promised to provide candidates with protection, if it does not come to fruition within two days, they will withdraw from the election.

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